“Transforming Conversations on Race” in Peoria’s March iBi

iBi, the Inter Business Issue of Peoria Magazines published my article, “Transforming Conversations on Race” in their March diversity themed issue. Check it out!

Conversations about race—whether they take place at the community level, company level or personal level—can be fraught and tense. It is easy to try to avoid the topic in order to remain what we might see as “politically correct.” But dialogue on race can be made easier when we move toward a shared language of the basic premises and concepts that inform our understanding. Developing our racial literacy means that we must recognize that a “strong opinion is not the same as informed knowledge,” as Dr. DiAngelo states. So seeking out experts and resources to help develop our understanding is necessary.


“Activism and Public Discourse” on Unbound

See an updated version of my essay “Activism and Public Discourse: ‘Be Sober, Be Watchful,‘” previously on this blog, in this month’s Unbound Journal issue on the election and social witness.

Discourse – words themselves – do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, the concrete, moral implications of discourse are evident when we see the material impact rhetoric and the language of policy have on vulnerable peoples in our society.